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[1 Ne. 1] And what to do about it


In most any application of The Hero’s Journey, there is an early stupor of innocence in ignorance. There ideally though is a dualistic spark to begin said journey. It’s not any wonder then that there is set an initial pattern of coexistent inspiration and initiative, to be repeated and emphasized and applied.

The pattern of inspired initiative is thoroughly biblical and consistently anthropologically historical, wherein the preeminent mystical leader is simultaneously seeking and finding. The linear rationality of Western thought though has such layers of entanglement into our cognitive processes as to make the unraveling of our projected assumptions nigh impossible.

However, eastern thought swings far back to the alternate extremes, making the mystical so abstract as to make it impossible to apply to mortality, hence the tendency to persist in flying into the sun as a prerogative of irrationality.

Only revelatory processes can effectively fuse both mystical and rational in moderation and harmonic balance. One can not be without the other.

It’s curious how that the House of Israel best demonstrates the n-dimensional interrelationships between those two aspects, while most clearly celebrating and defining the necessary intercessory role of prophets.

While there is much written and typed on Ascendancy Literature, Council metaphors, and stuff stuff stuff, that’s all curiously awesome ancillary stuff. Right out of the box the principal theme of ask-and-answer, recieve-and-do is illustrated. Meditation was motivated (externally one could argue), a theophanic response provided AND repeated in confirmation, and deliberate, immediate action taken.

So let it be written, so let it be done.