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I’m starting to notice a bit of a pattern, I may chose to discuss it further at another time. In the mean time, there’s several niggly points I wish to address over several subsequent posts. First some randomness…

  • JOIN statements really are that simple, you just have to understand how the pieces connect. Napkins and pens are really handy.
  • Comcast still spams my mailbox, and Qwest gives me nothing to celebrate over.
  • Dive suits are awesome to go snow skiing in.
  • Are there any multi-user games that don’t predominantly feature griefing to a large extent any more?
  • Those who argue over the often dubious application of the pragmatic topics that they overlook do credit to neither themselves nor their cause; to paraphrase

for the [bully-pulpiteers] of the different [persuasions evangelized] the same [interpretations] so differently as to destroy all confidence in settling the question by an appeal to the [indeterminable source].

As long as wars and desolation continue I’ve still got gainful employment.