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Time for time

Windows PC’s in a workgroup can use MS time servers. In an AD environment though they only use the AD server automatically. So the AD server must have legit time. And there’s no obvious way to set time there either.

w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:”address.of.ntp” /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update

Props here.

Now for your Linux systems you’ll need ntp.

  • yum install ntp
  • echo ‘server address.of.ntp’ > /etc/ntpd.conf
  • echo ’30 * * * * root /usr/sbin/ntpd -q -u ntp:ntp’ > /etc/cron.d/ntpd
  • service ntpd start

For ESXi, go to the host’s configuration page in vclient for the host, then select ‘Time Configuration’ from the ‘Software’ item group and configure as necessary.

That is all.