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Junk mail

So I got yet another dead tree from Comcast begging for my money. Their talking points :

‘Pro’ – Qwest :

  1. You like ‘limited’ TV channels and options
  2. You like buying equipment
  3. You like old fashioned phone and slow Internet

‘Pro’ Comcast :

  1. Comcast has a fiber network
  2. Comcast has great bundle deals without minimum contracts
  3. Bundle and save lots of money

Well, they’re wrong, on a whole lot of fronts.

First, I don’t watch TV. I don’t have hardly any occasion to. If I want to watch a movie, I can on any one of my computers. So I don’t need a TV package. IF I did, I’d want an eclectic package of channels that Comcast’s domestically oriented system wouldn’t readily provide.

Second, I already own the equipment, so that’s a moot point. Furthermore, thanks to demonopolization regulation, I can plug in any DSL modem configured anyway I want, and it works. No need to fight the machine over MAC address registering and line blocking. The reason that setting up a cable modem is so expensive is so that they can have the excuse to gouge you some more in the pocket. The functioning DSL system proves that that’s not a business requirement. Argueablely, there is a reason for it on the cable network, but that’s something for point four.

Third, my old-fashioned phone service has guaranteed E911 service by virtue of a hard-wired connection from my phone into the E911 system. Some things are best left ‘old-fashioned’ Furthermore, I can and will roll my own VoIP PBX off my own internet connection, just because I can do convergence. Again, I have that flexibility because of my provider’s policies.

As for the faster downloads, that’s blowing theoretical smoke. What they do is skew the asynchronous ratio further than the telco’s do, and over-sell capacity. For a DSL system, the choke point is at the provider, you have dedicated capacity that far. With cable, you’re sharing it with your neighbors. As a result, when they say “Up to 8mb download speeds”, what they’re not telling you is that’s for you, your neighbors, and the wifi leeches off of them combined. DSL is all yours and yours alone. Plus, for people like me who need a tighter ratio, DSL gives us upload capacity not available on cable.

Fourth. Fiber. That’s a deliberate and misleading attack, designed to snowball innocent subscribers. Sure they have a fiber backbone. SO DOES QWEST. This is pure and simple skulduggery. I’ve got half a mind to call them up and ask for FTTN service, since that’s the implication of what the flier states. Yes, I can dissect the marketing FUD, but it’s still rather annoying. Left to their own, would QWest or Comcast deploy FTTN? No. If they’ve got a valid business reason for that, then it can stand the light of day. Since they’re resorting instead to misleading information, it’s an outright scam.

Fifth. Correct, Comcast gives considerable discounts on their basic packages, for introductory periods. Read the squinty-print for the ‘real’ rates, then add in the extras you’d want that don’t come into those bundle rates. It jacks the price up way high after the introductory period.

Sixth point is that Comcast tells you how much you’ll save in the introductory period. My current monthly costs are half of what their stated regular costs are.

Not interested, thanks anyway for the tinder.