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The more important things.


52 days. L’shana ha’baah b’Yerushalayim.

Found Newman

I loath drama. Lawlz is fine, drama is not fine. It’s either annoying or stupid or arrogant or all of the above. Obsessing over dramas is also annoying. However, this one exception is most definitely worth it. The Lost finale has an interesting portrayal frankly far better and more poignant than most anything else out […]

Old times…

Been meaning to post / link this one for a while. Matisyahu’s “Jerusalem”.

Points to ponder

“Your grandfather was worthy of this, as was your father. And so are you,” President McKay told then-Elder Hinckley in extending the call to the apostleship. “Tears began to fill my eyes as President McKay looked at me with those piercing eyes of his and spoke to me of my forebears,” he remembered. “My father […]