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Adding ClonezillaSE/DRBL to an existing Windows AD environment

Once again, nobody has all the parts and pieces in one location. Verify that the system has two NIC’s. Issue is DRBL myopia Install and update Centos 6.x as normal Install DRBL/Clonezilla per STOP dhcpd IMMEDIATELY! After drblpush and dcs, do ‘/opt/drbl/sbin/mknic-nbi –check-server-name n‘ to allow any DHCP to pxeboot clients Create DNS records for […]

Time for time

Time servers send out an epoch pulse with descriptive data. Time clients then transpose that based on locally configured offsets. Windows runs everything through AD, including the time for AD. The official schpiel from Redmond is “Make sure the hardware clock on your AD Forest PDC is set correctly.” Wut? Most important factor is one […]

Windows DAV client note

Windows uses the local appdata temp folder, specifically TfsStore\Tfs_Data for the local service account to do its temp storage of DAV data in transit. Make sure your Windows system drive has enough space plus extra for all anticipated concurrent traffic. C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Temp\TfsStore\Tfs_DAV

Slap’d SMB services

Yet again the internets fail. I have simple requirements, and I can’t get simple answers. Manage accounts via LDAP (outside of AD for various reasons) Provide file services against LDAP accounts Set access controls and log everything No one site has all the answers, nor do they hint what parts are missing. This is how […]