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[1 Ne. 3] Of stoves being left on

Herein is the first traditional nugget from the narrative as focused on in the Doctrine of Correlation. Second only to 1 Nephi 1:1 in repetitive utterances in repetition, 1 Nephi 3:7 rears it’s bane-of-seminarian’s head. The angst commonly associated is a procedural one, from not applying context. That context is found in the astronomically distant 3:1, which read in a particular context changes this all around.

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[1 Ne. 2] Road to Camp Gra’nada


Nibley alone’s probably spent a good thousand pages per verse for the first half of the chapter commentating about how the narrative fits the locale and culture and linguistic forms. As not all have punched their ticket with Twain and his Innocents Abroad, those nuances are lost on the casual reader. Suffice it to say that the various clauses once thought to be incredulous at the time of publication, are now heavily substantiated by post-publication scholarship.

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[1 Ne. 1] And what to do about it


In most any application of The Hero’s Journey, there is an early stupor of innocence in ignorance. There ideally though is a dualistic spark to begin said journey. It’s not any wonder then that there is set an initial pattern of coexistent inspiration and initiative, to be repeated and emphasized and applied.

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[Intro] Skipping ahead, or not

So there’s this book that exists. And that is the conundrum. It sits there minding its own business. Actually, not even that, it is just a bleached dead tree, or electrified blob of sand.

But what to do about it? Why can’t we leave it alone?

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Adding ClonezillaSE/DRBL to an existing Windows AD environment

Once again, nobody has all the parts and pieces in one location.

  1. Verify that the system has two NIC’s. Issue is DRBL myopia
  2. Install and update Centos 6.x as normal
  3. Install DRBL/Clonezilla per
  5. After drblpush and dcs, do ‘/opt/drbl/sbin/mknic-nbi –check-server-name n‘ to allow any DHCP to pxeboot clients
  6. Create DNS records for DRBL in AD using the LAN port of the DRBL machine
  7. Update DHCP options per step 3
  8. Fix NFS4 as noted at drbl uses hard-coded nfsvers=3 somewhere, don’t bother trying to muck with the template /etc/fstab (dynamically generated?)
  9. Double-check /opt/drbl/sbin/dcs to make sure that the OCS service is running for each node
  10. Disk images go to /home/partimag, that is what you need to slap up to your SAN and share out in Samba.

Time for time

Time servers send out an epoch pulse with descriptive data. Time clients then transpose that based on locally configured offsets.

Windows runs everything through AD, including the time for AD. The official schpiel from Redmond is “Make sure the hardware clock on your AD Forest PDC is set correctly.” Wut?

Most important factor is one time server/pool. Not everyone doing their own thing.

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Windows DAV client note

Windows uses the local appdata temp folder, specifically TfsStore\Tfs_Data for the local service account to do its temp storage of DAV data in transit. Make sure your Windows system drive has enough space plus extra for all anticipated concurrent traffic.


Slap’d SMB services

Yet again the internets fail. I have simple requirements, and I can’t get simple answers.

  • Manage accounts via LDAP (outside of AD for various reasons)
  • Provide file services against LDAP accounts
  • Set access controls and log everything

No one site has all the answers, nor do they hint what parts are missing. This is how it works.

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52 days. L’shana ha’baah b’Yerushalayim.

I c ur myopia

Well now this certainly didn’t come from RIM…
Hilmar also commented that after a decade of running CCP he had heard so much naysaying (a team of noobs making a computer game in Iceland is never going to work, it will never work to make everyone play on the same server, you’ll never get more than 200.000 subscribers, there is no way you can develop the same game for 8 years, etc.) that eventually he became married to his  own opinions – “all those people have been wrong in the past, so they are wrong now and I know better.“ Of course, in hindsight things should have been done differently and it is very sad that in order to learn from the experience friends and customers had to suffer.
“I wish I had been smarter to not get it wrong; … I shouldn’t be able to get it wrong after 15 years”, Hilmar said, and he is very aware of the fact that he will most likely make mistakes in the future.
The CSM made the comment that it looks like CCP is now migrating from being a small garage company to an actual, large company – with managers in manager positions and product owners in product owner’s positions.